Few important points to be considered while using mobile phones

Published: 04th June 2010
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Mobile phones are essential to our modern lives but if used at a wrong place at the wrong time, it can be rude and offensive. Mobile phone etiquette involves following simple guidelines of common courtesy which is made to make public places more enjoyable. There are certain etiquettes while using your mobile phone which should be taken care of. There are certain Do's and Dont's which should be considered:

Taking your personal calls during a business meeting, interviews, etc
Not maintaining distance from people around you while talking.
Using loud and annoying ringtones that destroy concentration
Talking on your mobile phone while at church, libraries, hospital
Talking loudly at the bus or at a public place
Talking while driving

While you are in church or any place where mobile phones are not allowed, turn it to silent.
Ask people before taking their pictures.
Avoid loud conversations and keep your voice low at a public place.
Use a "hands-free" setup while driving.
Remember mobile phones are no longer used to impress others.

So the next time, you enter a store or a public place, look around and find out a good place to make or receive a call. With a little thoughtful consideration towards others you can have proper mobile phone etiquette. Before going into a public place or any meetings, put your phone on vibrator mode. Be aware of your environment before placing or receiving a call, and have respect for those around you as a responsible mobile phone user.

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